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Bride Costume

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Bride Costume for Horse

So many of our customers have contacted us to dress their horse for their wedding we have come up with a bridal theme for horses.

Our costumes are handmade and custom made to fit any horse!! We use this chart for our measurements.
If your friend has a special size that you want to share with us, please send us an email, with the measurements.

Send us a picture of your wedding dress and we can duplicate the same dress for your horse!

This bride costume for a horse includes:

  • Veil and headpiece

  • A white ruffled layered neckpiece

  • 4 hoof covers


All of our horse or pony hats have earholes and tie downs.
Our neckpieces and hoof covers have Velcro tabs to secure your costume.

Small Horse or Big Mini Bride Costume
If you have a cute small Pony !!
This option will fit
From 10hh to 13.2hh or 48" to 63" or 122cm to 160cm
Immediate availability
$ 190
Big Pony or Stand Horse Bride Costume
For a standard size horse, versatility is the key!!
This option will fit
From 14hh to 16hh or 66" to 78" or 168cm to 191cm
Immediate availability
$ 190
Large Horse Fresian size Bride Costume
For a big and beautiful large horse !!
This option will fit
From 16.2hh to 18hh or 78" to 87" or 191cm to 221cm
Immediate availability
$ 190
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